BGU is home to a mix of secular and religious students from all faiths. Opportunities are available for all who seek involvement in religious activities.

Hillel, the organization for Jewish life, has a branch at BGU and provides programming for students in both a religious and non-religious framework. Hillel at Ben-Gurion University plans many activities to encourage social interaction between Israeli and international students through events such as Friday night dinners, film screenings and field trips.

BGU hosts its own pluralistic Beit Midrash, known as Daroma, which offers weekly classes on Biblical texts or other topics of Jewish interest. There are two synagogues on campus; services are held daily and on weekends.

The city of Beer-Sheva itself has over 200 synagogues that include Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform denominations, as well as Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Indian, Hungarian, Romanian, Persian, Iraqi, Tunisian, and Ethiopian congregations. You do not have to be a member to join a service; all who enter will be greeted warmly.

A welcoming international Christian community is present in Beer-Sheva. Christian services, both Catholic and Protestant, are held as informal gatherings on Saturdays and Sundays. A Christian Bible group also meets regularly. Catholic services are held every Sunday at 6:15PM and on Christian holidays in the Gimel neighborhood at 51 Ha-Shalom St. More detailed information can be provided on-site upon request.

There are a number of mosques in the area including the Tel-Sheva Mosque in the Bedouin village of Tel-Sheva, as well as the Segev Shalom Mosque in the village of Segev Shalom.