Health Care

Ben-Gurion University requires that all students carry comprehensive medical insurance. Regardless of any other coverage you may already have, you must be covered by the Harel Insurance Company. Following acceptance to the OSP, all students will receive an application to enroll in Harel. This insurance offers a comprehensive health insurance policy specially designed for overseas students.

The policy is affiliated with Kupat Holim Clalit, Israel’s largest system of medical clinics, which has a clinic on campus. The policy covers expenses for visits to doctors’ offices, medication, doctor-requested medical tests and full hospitalization. Billing is done directly by the medical server to the insurance company. The policy is valid only in Israel, but offers additional health insurance coverage for travel outside of Israel. There is no deductible.

You must disclose all pre-existing medical problems. The Israeli general policy does not cover pre-existing conditions. For specific information about this, please contact Harel Insurance at

Health Clinic and Hospital

For more information, visit the section on the Health Center.

Safety and Security

Student safety and security is a priority of both BGU and the OSP. BGU has an active and visible security division that is responsible for security throughout the University. Security guards are located at every campus entrance and at the dormitories, which are patrolled 24 hours a day.

Upon arrival at the University, students receive a security orientation, which includes instructions on how to best assure your own safety in Israel.

The on-site OSP staff in Beer-Sheva provide updated security briefings throughout the semester, with the input of the University’s security division. They are also in regular contact with the American Embassy concerning security in Israel and throughout the region.

Students do not need to take buses for any regular University activity. Every study visit or excursion sponsored by OSP must be approved by the University security division. All excursions are accompanied by an armed guard and a medic.

You are required to inform the on-site OSP staff in Beer-Sheva if you are planning to travel outside of Beer-Sheva. If you plan to travel abroad during a vacation period, a special form indicating your itinerary must be submitted to the OSP office in Israel.

It is a requirement of the program that all students carry a working cell phone with texting capabilities while in Israel so that they can be reached by on-site staff. Information on cell phone service is provided by the OSP office in New York prior to departure to Israel.