Hebrew, Cats, and Joy

By Vera - May 23, 2018

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Baby kittens roaming around and the strong perfume of flowers have elevated the campus. I’ve had the joy of spending the past couple Shabbats here in Be’er Sheva cooking up a storm with friends.

Along with some mellow weekends, the OSP and classes have done a good job of showing me more of Israel. I went on the International Trip to the Roman and Byzantine city of Bet Sh’ean. First we got to swim in a natural spring. When we got to the city, it was nighttime and the lightshow on the ruins was “lit.” I’m really happy we got to see a historical site that would have been hard to reach with public transportation. My classes too have brought me to various places, from a Samaritan synagogue to a Bedouin village.

In addition to these trips, we also celebrated friends’ birthdays. We had to do 3 at a time because there are so many Tauruses on the OSP. I had to get the cake all by myself. I missed going with my friend who usually helps me pick up cakes, but I was excited to surprise her with it for the party. It was fun seeing the difference between how I ordered cakes 4 months ago in broken Hebrew and hand gestures, and ordering a parve cake completely in Hebrew this time. I even wrote on it myself! It was delicious and my friends finished the cake that night.

Hebrew class has made it a lot easier to accomplish other daily tasks in Be’er Sheva. For example, recently we’ve learned how to complain about our roommates in Hebrew. I’ve not needed to do so, but used the vocab in other ways. When I opened my salad container and the contents went flying all over the place, my Hebrew knowledge culminated in my asking for a broom.

I’m psyched to see what my last month at BGU brings!