Yael Silver is a third year student studying Anthropology at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. Her other interests include theatre, travel, and history. She is hoping that her semester in Israel will allow her to more fully understand Israeli culture, the middle east, and that she'll make some new friends.

January 19, 2017 -
Homesickness is a strange thing. When I was in Israel I missed the U.S., I missed American comfort food, and my pets, and my college. There were so many American things that I craved. But now that I’m home? I miss Israel. I miss the weather, the food, and the people. But I miss the experiences that I had there the most.
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Holidays in the Holy Land
December 20, 2016 -
As I get ready to leave Israel in a few days, I am starting to think about what I’ll be doing when I get home. I arrive home just in time for Chanukah, which this year starts on the same day as Christmas. However, I’ve already started to experience some holiday spirit.
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Winter, Work, and Field Trips
November 30, 2016 -
Well, it has finally gotten cold. All the Israelis are bundled up in big coats and scarves and, honestly, so are the international students. After being here for two and half months we got used to the heat! The campus is in full swing now with the Israeli students back for the start of the BGU academic year. There has been a lot of activity on campus with back-to-class parties, markets, and tons of student clubs to join – Model UN is especially popular.
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Adjusting to Life in Israel
October 14, 2016 -
The first month of classes are over, and what a month it has been. My classes are fascinating, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here. I have gone on two field trips for my classes, which both really demonstrated just how amazing it is to study here in Israel.
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First Few Weeks in Beer-Sheva
September 14, 2016 -
So much has happened since I arrived in Israel six weeks ago. The Ulpan is over and classes are starting on Sunday, I’ve made friends and have learned to (mostly) navigate campus. From taking the group flight on El-Al to traveling around Israel on OSP trips, these past six weeks have been a blur.
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