Zhengqi (Charles) Yang is a junior at Washington College, Chestertown, majoring in International Studies and minoring in computer science. He is an international student from China, and has been studying in North America for nine consecutive years. He has travelled all around the world, been to five different continents and twenty plus countries, but not a single one in the Middle East. As an international studies major concentrating on the region of the Middle East, Zhengqi decided to study abroad in Israel for one semester to both fulfill an academic requirement and explore the nitty-gritty of Israel and the region it is in, which have fascinated him for a long period of time.

Fortress in the Sky
April 24, 2017 -
As the short break between the Ulpan and the semester came to an end, I had been preparing and anticipating the beginning of an exciting, yet pristine semester here in Israel. One week into the new semester, we embarked on a journey to one of the most renowned, if not the most eminent historical site […]
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My Life in Be’er Sheva
February 23, 2017 -
Charles uses some of his newly learned Hebrew to talk about his life in Beer-Sheva so far.
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Why Israel?
January 30, 2017 -
I was back in China during winter break before heading off to kick-start a study-abroad experience in Israel. Shortly after arriving in China, I went to a health center and the doctors there were completely baffled with my decision to study in Israel. I could see the question marks written on their faces: “Why Israel? Why the Middle East?”
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