Brittany is attending both the fall and spring semester at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev through the Overseas Student Program. She is working towards her bachelor's degree in anthropology from City College of New York, in Harlem, NY. She is from Jenkintown, PA-a small suburb about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia-and has lived there her whole life, until last year when she moved to New York. She is very excited to be learning and living here in Israel. As she is living off campus, she is really enjoying being immersed in Israeli culture and the Hebrew language.

Goodbye to Good Friends
December 29, 2015 -
December 29, 2014 - It was also the very last trip of our OSP group, and we finally ventured up to the north! We spent a night in a Bedouin tent in Michmanim after we took a Jeep tour through the area. We visited a Druze town, where we all ended up buying beautiful jewelry, either for ourselves or our friends. The two best parts of the trip, though, were our visit to the Hula Valley and our visit to Akko
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July 2, 2015 -
July 2, 2015 - It’s been almost a year of writing these blogs, and it has been a whole year that I’ve been in Israel. This month, I’ve had so many “last times.” I’ve been teaching English to third and fourth graders since March; on June 24th, I said goodbye. I’ve been part of this amazing study abroad program with other students and met so many great people, and again, I had to say goodbye on the very same day.
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A Wedding, the Dead Sea, and …
June 19, 2015 -
May has been an interesting month so far, with ups and, unfortunately, downs. It started out with my first Israeli wedding (well, half Israeli—the wife is Canadian). It was so beautiful and so much fun. In the next few days, I found myself in Jerusalem and then the Dead Sea for the first time! I know, I’ve been here for almost a year, and I’m only just getting there, but better late than never!
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Amazing Emotion
June 1, 2015 -
In April I experienced my first Passover, my first Israeli Independence Day, and a few other holidays as well. Over Passover break, I went to the Ashram Bamidbar again for the second annual Zorba the Buddha Festival, an amazing celebration of meditation, music, and life. Independence Day was a bit different though, as it is always celebrated a day after a memorial day for soldiers and civilians and can be a bit sad. Overall, it was a great month, with many different celebrations.
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Breaks and New Beginnings
April 6, 2015 -
April 6, 2015 - After two months of break, I must admit that I was wildly excited to get back to school. But before I go on to tell you about the start of my new semester, I’ll tell you about one trip that I took over the vacation that I really enjoyed.
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