OSP Research Internships

Students in the OSP can opt to take part in a for-credit research internship during their time at Ben-Gurion University. Students who choose this option take one less “normal” course during the semester and instead use that time to gain practical experience either working with a professor, academic department, or organization. More information about OSP internship opportunities can be found here.

Full-Time Research Internships

Students who would like to come to BGU solely for a tailored for-credit internship have the option of choosing the full-time internship. These students do not pay regular OSP tuition but rather pay a significantly reduced internship fee. For more information about this option, click here.

For examples of prior internships topics click here. Please note that your internships opportunities are not limited to those found in this document.

You can apply for full-time research internships through a quick two-page application here.